Hello, my name is James King and I am a Web Programmer from the West Midlands in the UK. I am also studying BSc(hons) Web Programming at Staffordshire University in Stafford. I am best at PHP based programming and I am currently using Laravel's awesome framework for my personal projects.

I began Web Programming when I was 13, I stared at the Google homepage on my Windows 98 SE based computer and "super fast" dial-up connection and wondered how it all worked. From there I taught myself HTML using only 1 hour internet time per day and since then I've been doing Backend website development work. I have been doing website development now for 10 years and I love it!

Here is a little bit about my personal life:


I love gaming! Playing games is a really nice way to relax. I have Xbox Live and play a few games on there, I also have Steam and play online sometimes too. I'm also a big player of Minecraft and sometimes run a Minecraft Server on my Secondary machine. Its good fun to play games with friends and I find it really enjoyable.

Home Life

My home life is quiet and nice. At home I am usually using some form of technology as it makes me feel happy. I don't however use it all the time and I like to take breaks from time to time.

Going Out

It's great to see friends. I enjoy going to the local pub, cinema, bowling alley or just going to their house to see them. Its really nice to have great friends and get away from the computer screens sometimes.


I love technology, here is the tech I own and use often:

  • Desktop PC (Custom Build) running Windows 8.1 Primary
  • Macbook Pro (Mid-2010) running OS X Mavericks Secondary
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 LTS Test Server
  • Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Test Server
  • iPad 3rd generation (White)
  • iPhone 5S (Space grey)

I do have a host of other gadgets too!


Here is a brief overview about what I can do for your business. Whether remote working or Freelance, these are the skills I have that may benefit you. These technologies are the core of what I work with every single day, just to give you an idea of what I am good at.


PHP is my best skill. I've been doing PHP for 9 years now and absolutely love it! I now predominantly use Laravel Framework for any future developments. I regard myself as an expert of PHP and use Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) wherever possible when I use it. I also tend to be a bit anal when it comes to making sure code is documented using DocBlocks and writing wiki articles.

MySQL & Database

Whenever I've been programming in PHP, MySQL has been my best friend. I have always used MySQL for my own projects wherever possible and therefore know it nearly inside-out. I think that MySQL is the easiest and simplest database system and is easy to expand based on number of connections. I use MySQL with Laravel too! I do also have experience with SQLite (which I regard as a baby MySQL) and Microsoft's SQL Server but tend to use MySQL the most.

Git (VCS)

Whenever I work on a project, I make sure to utilise Git in some form whether locally or using a remote server. This, in my opinion, is the best way to work in teams. I have experience in Pull Requests, Merging branches, Rebasing Branches and overall management of a git-based repository.

jQuery / JavaScript

I also have awesome skill with JavaScript and jQuery, this can be, again, Object-Oriented or even working with HTML5 Canvas to create games / apps. jQuery is a fantastic asset and makes JavaScript much much better to program in and easier to support most browsers. I have also really good experience with AJAX technology to request URLs without requiring a page refresh and then returning data back to the user, in any form.

I also have many more skills, why not check out my LinkedIn to see what others have endorsed me for?


  • 2015
  • Web Application Developer @ Just Checking Ltd

    May 2015 - present

    Working on a Large-scale web application written in Laravel 4 running on IIS and Microsoft SQL Server. Uses Backbone as a frontend.

  • 2014
  • Temp Web Developer @ Real Point Design Ltd

    May 2014 - October 2014

    Temporary Web Developer position to tide me over before going back to University. Working with Laravel 4, Magento and Zen Cart systems for new clients and existing clients. PHP / MySQL (With OOP, MVC and Unit Testing), jQuery / JavaScript, HTML / CSS.

  • Junior Web Developer @ Trakware Solutions Ltd

    May 2013 - May 2014

    12 month Industrial Placement for my University Sandwich course. JavaScript Framework building and other web software developments.

  • 2012
  • Temp Web Developer @ Trakware Solutions Ltd

    June 2012 - September 2012

    Temporary summer job in between University. Prominent JavaScript and PHP work mostly including development of a new JavaScript framework. Lead developer on a few client projects.

  • 2008
  • Sales Assistant @ Greenlands Post Office

    November 2008 - September 2011

    Front desk staff for a convienence side of the Post Office. Dealing with customers on a daily basis in a professional manner, stock control and key responsibilities.


My style of building web applications has changed dramatically over the years. I used to use WordPress for client's websites but now I use MVC style programming using Laravel Framework.

  • Big Thing Landing Page


    WordPress-based website for a local DJ in Redditch.

  • Tiick Tock Coming Soon Page


    WordPress-based website for a local PC repair company in Redditch.



I aim to respond to emails sent through this form within 48 hours except for when I am on holiday or travelling which may take up to 2 weeks. If you have no response after 2 weeks, please try again or contact me using social networking as my spam filters may have set your email as spam by mistake.

Redditch, UK

Mobile: (please ask)

Email: james@jamesking56.co.uk